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Legacy of Influence

I am praying today for all those who have lost a father, husband, or grandfather. I know the struggle is real. Grief is the high price we pay for love. Whether your loved one had an extended illness or caught you completely off guard, the pain is universal. Our heart ache is much the same because they are gone from this earth. I still seem to always find strength in the scriptures. I have written Isaiah 43:1 on the palm of my hand many times. Reflecting on memories are helpful and can be a blessing. Thinking of others who have come through deep dark valleys can encourage us. Most of all, I believe, thinking of the influence our loved one had on us as well as others is the legacy that is left behind after they are gone. None of us can escape the “legacy of influence!”

Someone once said, “Live in such a way that those who know you—but don’t know God—will come to know God because they know you.”

Pat Dodds was a man of conviction and character. You could always count on him to do what he said and more importantly to do the right thing. He was a visionary always looking ahead at possibilities. Many times, he said that he viewed his business as a ministry, not just a career, to help others. Besides being an example of Christlike grace and mercy, his most significant influence was on our children. Family is important and something we will always treasure together.

Here's the truth: Whether you had a positive impactful legacy from a loved one or not the point is that YOU still have influence. Our faith and our character can be a significant role model for others. If you are fortunate to have such a role model, remember part of them is still with you and your children.

“Happy Father’s Day”

Your friend, Sharon

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