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Let the Chips Fall where they May

Setbacks, we all have them, and we usually don’t get to choose when they happen………….

It was just three weeks ago. The day had finally arrived that I planned to take some of the Grands roller skating. Maybe I thought perhaps they could see their Nana relive some of her glory days! Yes, every Friday night in my younger years I could be found at the Indian Lake Roller Arena donned with my own personal skates laced with pom poms, a sparkly skirt, and a suitcase to match. Interestingly though on this day as I stepped foot onto the roller rink it seemed much slipperier than I remembered. I couldn’t hold hands with the grands since we both would go down together. I began by making my way slowly around the rink, occasionally hugging the wall to get a feel for keeping balance and staying up. However, after 30 minutes I felt I could do this and was ready to Rock n Roll. Oh, my I could see it now, living the dream from my childhood skating to the beat of the music! My granddaughter and I were even smiling at each other as we were taking the corners with some speed by this time. Oh, what fun we were certainly experiencing!

And then it happened. As I was attempting to do a slight spin to get out of the way of an oncoming skater, BAM, I took a fall forward. As my son was helping me to get to the carpet for safety, a few seconds later, I took another fall straight down. By this time, I was getting sick and nearly ready to pass out.

After 10 ½ hours in the emergency room and two different hospitals, they concluded that I had a broken wrist on my left arm, a broken finger on my right hand, and a compressed fracture on my lower back. You might as well wrap me up like a mummy! OR maybe I could have said, “Look Ma, no hands!”

I know you have had your own setbacks as well.

Setbacks are inevitable, but our response is optional. I have learned that there are no hopeless situations, only those who have grown hopeless about them. Proverbs 18:24 talks about friendship and a true friend sticks closer than a brother. Billy Graham said we are all in need of a true friend, a friend who stands with us who doesn’t leave it. Jesus is that friend. In John 15:15 Jesus refers to us as his friends.

Here's the truth: maybe our setbacks can be used as setups with God and us working together to make a stumbling block into a steppingstone, because that’s where we gain strength to carry on. So, don’t give up hope!

I still believe, gratitude is always the key for a hope filled life and of course I was extremely thankful for all my children working together to take care of my every need for a few weeks. But I think they have all banned together insisting that I NOT consider roller skating anytime soon.  I guess all I can say is, “We’ll See.”

God Bless,

Your friend, Sharon

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